The Story House

The Story House is a roofless structure with open walls where the business of life extends and our stories become part of the world. In filigreed wing walls, a figure reads while a crow looks on. Guardians, would-be protectors, flank benches. A cornice mural rich with books on a magic carpet hides the secret reader. Therein find a quote, “Every story begins with a death,” the opening line from the Nancy Rawles’ novel, Love Like Gumbo and the title Tell It By Heart, from a book by storyteller Erica Helm Meade. The importance of learning from books, nature and each other are elements of human life I prize. The benches invite viewers to sit, become a part of the story and hence the artwork itself.

Barbara Earl Thomas, 2009


The Evergreen State College, Olympia Washington

Washington State Arts Commission, Art in Public Places Program

Jamie Fisher, Architect; Rhinehart Metal works; Photo credit: Shawna Angelou