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Electric Crow

Electric Crow

Electric Crow - Flint black wings

Strike the Night - Spark the Day
Born in lightening trees, mountains, streams
Barbara Earl Thomas, 2008



Sound Transit Project – Walden Triangle

Laser cut steel screen for light switching station, Walden Triangle 33' X 12' at its highest arch point.

Location: Martin Luther King Jr. Way South and Walden

Left detail: Proto-type Walden Triangle

Portage Bay Neighborhood Park Project

Portage Bay Neighborhood Park Project

The Portage Bay neighbors, working with the Seattle Parks Department, came together through a community driven effort to reclaim and enhance public park shorefront for public enjoyment. The park is landscaped to highlight the beauty of the view and natural tranquility of the site. The large stone markers serve as seating and as a vehicle for commemorating the last known Native American dweller in this long established enclave.



Black Bird Remembers

What We Forget


Wind and Water

Whisper Names

Chesheeahud and Tleebooleetsa Were Here