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Last Seen

I last saw you smiling, singing, or was it leaping from the porch. I last saw you running, skipping, or jumping like a mad hare in the yard. I last saw you walking the dog, throwing a stick, or pulling on your denim jacket. I last saw you rocking in your crib, dashing off to school, or walking down the aisle. I last saw you standing in the driveway, sitting on the bed, or dancing away into the crowd. I last saw you wearing a flower in your hair, eating a fish, or waving me off. I last saw you stop, look up, tip your hat and give me a wink. It was some old joke between us. In that place where walls disappear, the world is inside out and one season is constant. I grow old but you remain the same. Flash-—caught in the blink of an eye. Snapshot—you are the burn of an afterimage lit in the glow of your complement that lives inside my eyes.

Barbara Earl Thomas, 2005

Last Seen: Altar of Memory, 2005
H 10’ x W 6’x L 8’
Wood, painted glass, twigs, metal, bird’s nests and wire
Painted Glass, eye window in roof apex
detail: 4’.5" x 1’.5"
Bird’s nest

Pam’s Tear Box, 2006
Tree Branch, copper, bronze, bird nest and wood

Memory Box, 2005
Mixed Media, copper, paint, wood