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SCAD Museum of Art
Jacob Lawrence exhibition: “Lines of Influence”
September 7, 2017 – February 4, 2018

Barbara Earl Thomas will be featured in the Claire Oliver Gallery’s installation at
September 13-17, 2017 @ Chicago’s Navy Pier.

Seattle Art Museum Purchase
“I’m a thrilled that the Seattle Art Museum has acquired In Case of Flood and In Case of Fire.  These two large scale black and white prints incorporate the full spectrum of my vision—where beauty and chaos collide—seductive, terrifying and ever unfolding.” — Barbara Earl Thomas

In the work In Case of Fire we see swirling stories about water and fire; catastrophe coexists with beauty as foreground, middle ground as background compresses into a single picture plane. Her distinctive visual vocabulary of strong, clear line, symbolic imagery, dramatic tension and epic tale tell a story of great tragedy and heroic phenomenon. Small boats are buffeted in turbulent waters filled with catfish, miniature people scale giant book shelves and children sleep peacefully in beds afloat on the raging current; the rooster crows. There is a meticulous attention to detail; Thomas has mastered the manipulation of space.”

Image: Blood Catcher, 2017.

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Barbara Earl Thomas is a seasoned lecturer on art and contemporary American culture and keynote speaker

Keynotes & Lectures Clients

Columbia University School of Law, The Art of Visual Persuasion, 2016
Facebook, Seattle’s Black Cultural Map, Seattle Corporate office, 2016
Martin Luther King Day, Key Note, Seattle Colleges, 2015
Seattle Audubon Society, “Nature Belongs to Us All,” Lecture, 2015
Path for Art, Key Note, Seattle, WA, 2014
Pecha Kucha presentations: Seattle Art Museum, Elle, 2013
“Telling Stories,” Bellevue Arts Museum, 2013
Cornish College of the Arts, lecture, “Visual Culture: Ways of Seeing,” 2012
League of Women Voters, Annual Meeting, “The Creative Process and the Responsibilities of Freedom,” 2004

Writing Clients

Looking for George, La Nordo, A Seattle Art Journal, Seattle WA, 2015
What to Do in the Rain, The Mail, Short Story, 826 Anthology, Seattle WA, 2013
Vital Signs, Joe Fedderson, essay introduction, University of Washington Press, 2008
Faith and the Ultimatum, Journal for Social Justice, Law Journal, Seattle University, 2005
Meditation on the Word House, Arcade Magazine, Seattle, 2004
Never Late for Heaven: Co-authored monograph on the life and work of Gwen Knight Lawrence, University of Washington Press, 2003
Sweet Hope Waiting, The Gift of Birds: True Encounters,Travelers Tales, 2000
Making a Place: The Art of Julie Speidel, art catalogue essay, Idaho, 1999
Together in the World: Art Catalogue Essay on the Life of Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Bumbershoot, Seattle Arts Festival 1999
Storm Watch: The Art of Barbara Earl Thomas, The University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1998
Making Peace, essay in The Spirit of the Canyon, Katherine Jo Ryan, Ed., and NorthLand Press Arizona, 1998
Intersections, catalogue essay in Civil Progress: Life in Black America, Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, 1997